Benefits and Advocacy

Why UEA?

We’ve been proud association members for years, united with educators in Shelby County, across the state and the nation. We stand for our students, our schools, and our members with the best representation and political advocacy.     

United for our schools

If you are an association member at the start of the 2015-2016 school year, then you are a continuing member of TEA/NEA! However, in order to protect your membership it is recommended you switch to bank draft from payroll deduction. 
It is clear MSCEA has been hijacked by leadership that will not follow the rules, will not open the books, and will not fight for our schools. They disaffiliated with TEA/NEA, and that's why members like us started UEA. Join us today!  
How to Join
State government provides only one-third of the funds to run Shelby County Schools. Considering all of the state policdoes not 

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